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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  November 26, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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>> 200 dollars for a 400 dollar lap top. >> 800 dollars for 4 lap top. >> american consumers are spending again. this is the scene in san jose when the
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doors opened at 4 a.m. at macy's. retailers say heavy promotion entice people and put a dent in the profit. good evening everyone. all across the bay all across the country the annual right of bargain hunting is bringing out customers. some just finish up now and ready to begin again tomorrow. amy is live for us in san francisco tonight. amy. >>reporter: the tree is lit here in union square here in san francisco so if you are not in the mood yet this might help you get there. check out how many people came down to see the tree lighting tonight. ye yes. those people are walking in the middle of powell street. there was not enough room for all of them on the sidewalk as they all left at the same time to go home so police shut down the street so they could get out of here. they lit the tree at 6:45 tonight and people said it definitely helped them get in a festive spirit. this was just the bonus. today was really about shopping and the crowd near union square were
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impressive. people were definitely shopping for those on their list and also buying for themselves making retailers very happy. everyone agreed that the crowd felt bigger this year. if you didn't get here early you definitely missed out on some deals. >> we didn't make it out here until pretty late in the day so we weren't able to get everything we wanted but we were able to find some of the things on the christmas list. >> crowd is bigger this year. seemed like everybody is agent bit using the pocket book more. more shopping day that's what i notice. >>reporter: it watough to walk through union square tonight. it was so crowded but we didn't hear any complaints. people told us they came out here to be around people. they wanted to get some good deals and just have some fun. now even though black friday is almost over, not quite, macy at union square open until 11:00 o'clock tonight. but the deals are not over yet. oh, no. if you didn't come out today no problem. they will start again tomorrow. i was at toys-r-us looking at how em l ty the
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shelves were and they said we have more stuff on sale tomorrow different from today. everyone is opening up early again tomorrow so no problem if you missed today. there's plenty to look for tomorrow, live in san francisco, 7 news. >> all right amy thank you. >> from black friday to small business sat. 4 day thanksgiving weekend brings in big buck for major retailers furs time there's a push to help give a boost to struggling local economy. we have the report from san carlos where local business owns are hoping to get mr. shoppers than usual tomorrow. about executive chef russell is whipping up eggs at the restaurant here on laurel street this san carlos. skeptical that small business saturday will cook up business for local shoppers. >> hard to tell. for us downtown i think it is definitely going to be more successful for the malls. that's what i think. but we'll see. we are hoping. >>reporter: small business saturday is a national move to
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try and boost business for small local stores that are usually left behind in the black friday rush for bargain at large retailers. according to american express for every 100 dollars spent in locally owned independent stores 68 dollars rushes to the community in texas the, payroll and other expenditure. >> good chance because everybody has gotten the word out. how about the local businesses. >>reporter: don manages fat wear et cetera that is busy selling cold weather foot wear. he says small business offer more intimate shopping experience. >> a little friendly employee staff can wait on you one-on-one instead of big grou group. spend agent bit more timendividually with each person. >>reporter: warden joys shopping locally. >> do i shop locally if i can. because i feel in that the businesses need the business. and i could easily go to stanford but i really like this. >>reporter: there is a sense of optimism among many people. especially employees. who depend on tip as well as the
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salary. they see business actually improving over last year holiday season. >> if last year was really bad. beginning of the year was terrible. so now like for the last three months it habit is picking up. >>reporter: he owns the men shop and says black friday may belong to the big stores but sat will fill the smaller shop shops. >> that's why you don't see a lot of traffic in our area because we have a black friday on saturday. >>reporter: his is up scale men store that draw customers saturday with a re but big discount. >> we have 25% off store wide. that's our black friday. >> next weekend the city will be closing down laurel street bridging in tons of sne and bringing in santa clause by helicopter all in an effort to promote spawl businesses in the area. in san carlos, abc 7 news. >> shooting in east oakland tonight setoff a chain of event that ended in a power outage. oakland police say shots were fired near the east mont mall
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grazing one person in the head. caused a traffic accident that brought down a utility pole knocking out power to the area. 2 vehicle were involved. one overturned and injured 3 people. police are looking for the shooter who ran away from the scene. >> murder of napa state state hospital nurse may not have been a a random attack. 7 news has learned donna gross may have been targeted by her cussed killer. also concern among employees at the hospital that the new alarm they have been given don't work properly. story tonight from vick lee. >>reporter: psych. tech. donna gross was strangled october 23rd on the grounds of the hospital forensic unit. the section which houses the criminally insane and most violent patients. her accused killer is jess massy a patient convicted of slitting a woman's throat. massy was roaming outside his unit after getting what is called a groundass. we have learned that he may have targeted gross. three days after the murder another patient reported that massy had
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told him he was going to kill that staff person but i didn't believe him. the patient said the staff person was always pulling his ground card and stuff. >> if you are the one who has to discipline somebody, you are the main focus. they are angry at you. >>reporter: crystal johnson has been a psych. tech. at napa state for 14 years. >> we feel in fear every day. approximately individual we serve are just so impulsive and they are more and more violent. >>reporter: we have also learned that about two weeks before the murder supervisors were told massy had threatened another worker. the report says massy said you know i can just kill you. i have done it before. crystal johnson was attacked two years ago by a violent patient. >> he grabbed me by my neck and pulled me into the room and started strangling me. >>reporter: what happened. >> and so we fought. >>reporter: johnson finally activated a waist band alarm that sets off sirens and lights in the building. >> alarm had been going off for what seemed like forever he
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just let go and ran. >>reporter: so no one responded. >> nobody knew that i was in any danger. >>reporter: this is a same alarm donna setoff as she fought her assailant. workers tell us they don't generally work outside buildings. but gross alarmrm did go off in nearby kitchen. it was reported as a false alarm. johnson says last week the hospital distributed this new alarm. meant to work outside on the grounds. this one triggers a loud sound but johnson says not loud in. the grounds of the hospital are huge. and the people that are the workers that are on the unit about the likelihood of them hearing this alarm when you are out on ground is about not likely. >>reporter: under a coat the sound is muscled even more. crystal johnson and other workers we spoke with say they do not feel any safer with these new alarms. they tell us they want more police on the premises and bet security
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system. we called napa state for a response. our calls were not returned. vick lee, abc 7 news. south bay will soon be without an organization dedicated to funding hiv programs. media partner reports the silicon valley aids leadership center will shut down by the he said of the year because it is unable to recover from the recession. center chairman says the loss of corporate sponsorship has been too much to overcome. the board of directors has decided to liquidate all of the assets and redistribute them to local agencies focused on stopping the spread of hiv. >> you mate call it green versus green. recycling center squaring off against neighborhood garden. battle over a prime piece of city owned property on the evenly of golden gate park. john has the story. >>reporter: there are about 35 community gardens in san francisco with about 1,000 individual plots and the city needs more. >> we have a waiting list of over 500 people and some
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waiting for two years. >> reporter: sought general manager of the recreation park department and many resident of the inner sunset neighborhood want a new community garden. keys stadium at the edge of golden gate park. >> xunt garden are a great resource for people especially people living in dense place like san francisco where people don't have back yard and don't have the ability to grow their own food. >> the only problem is the spot where they want the garden has recycling center here for 30 years. >> this is a noble cause but times have changed and we have curb side recycling now and instore redemption. >>reporter: center is run by the council fight to go save it. battle is pitting neighbor against neighbor. >> i have lived in the neighborhood and supported the center for years and i'm here at least once a week. >>reporter: money from the recycling center supports a lot of community services and 10 jobs. many local businesses bring the rae cycling here and low income folks. michael mary lives about 5 blocks away and collects recycling from his
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neighbors. fichlt got cut by ssi and 140 dollars a month i have to make up the difference to pay my rent still and grocery. >>reporter: he has a home but one of every 6 people does not. supporters say the park department wants to get rid of the homeless but the department says it is an inappropriate industrial use of park property. >> we think a community garden is a safer healthier use for everybody out there. >>reporter: recycling supporters say there are plenty of other places to put a garde garden. >> they ought to put it in under served neighborhood that is looking for more community garden. >>reporter: park recreation commissioner will hold a hearing on the proposal next thursday. this is 7 news. sacred image but no spiritual relevance. come up tonight at 9 harsh criticism newsweek magazine face from his behind you and bay area and across the world. slam dunk. no holding back on the commander in chief leaving whim
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a pwrutsing basketball injury. tonight we know who is responsible. >> the cold snap ends and lane begins.i'll show you where it is raining right now when i return with the accu-weather 7 day forecast. >> ghost stories of san francisco china town. the tour that reveal the secret history of one of the bay area most historic neighbo mom ] my son only wanted one toy this year. i want aobosan 4000. [ mom ] the one no one cld get. toy stores a reporting long lines and empty shelves. a robosan 4000. [ mom ] and i mean no one. so i did most of mholiday shopping on citi specials. with the money i saved, i bid line -and got exactly what wanted. -a robosan 4000! [ television ] introdung the new robosan 5000. [ mom ] at least for now. [ malennouncer ] make your happy holiday stories come te
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only at verizon. the. >> controversy cover on newsweek magazine prompted international outrage and led to a boycott. cover depicts president obama as behind you god. lisa has bay area reaction. youi this week issue of newsweek magazine being met with harsh criticism from behind you -- behind you.
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>> i was offended. >>reporter: it was on the cover that is causing problems for member of the behind you american foundation. shows president obama with 5 arms standing on one leg with a caption reading god of all things. image is similar to the behind you god. >> it has become an issue of con continuing for many behind 0who don't like it used for other purpose. >>reporter: god of creation and destruction and grace. each arm represents a different attribute. the president who is in india recently tries to balance war peace and the economy behind you american foundation wants newsweek to apologize and to explain to readers what the god symbolize but behind you in malaysia take more drastic measure and demanding the government remove the issue from all the country news stands. professor of advertising has seen the cover. she says the mall editor
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should have known better. >> i just thought what a dump thing to do. so many ways to express that there are many things he is balancing and could have expressed could have expressed something about him being in india and express him being in it italy without being like the pope. item a global magazine and available in several countries. american readers mean time had mixed reaction to this week cover. >> wasn't sure whether it's about. looks like he's juggling. >>reporter: bothered bit. >> i know they are trying to make an analogy of some kind. i don't think it's successful and the person who did it didn't know what they were doing. >>reporter: newsweek didn't return any of our phone calls or request for statement. this is lisa abc 7 news. >> president obama wasn't among the stampede of shoppers but he looks like he was. the president had a rough day on the basketball court and sharp
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elbow to the lower lip while playing basketball. john at the white house. >>reporter: injury happened while the president was working off the thanksgiving dinner with 6 kind of pie. winding down game fifty fort playing a familiar position. defense. arrival driving hard to the hoop shot and elbow the leader of the free world in the face. elbow wielder ray the congressional hispanic caucus institute said he learned the president is both a tough competitor and good sport. friends taken on the president in the past say he plays as hard as he politics. >> nobody want the to give him a black eye and he plays very hard. smiley guy but out there he competitive. plays really tough. >>reporter: what it house medical unit used this nursing an upper bloody lip with 12 stitches the. >> also in the game were education secretary duncan and robinson the president nephew. no word yet on whether he is
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invited back. this is the white house. >> perhaps no. also at the white house christmas tree arrived by horse drawn wagon. first lady and her daughter took delivery of the douglas fir on a farm from pennsylvania 80 miles northwest of philadelphia. tree will grace the white house blue room. about. >> take a look at this. the scene in san francisco union square for the tree lighting ceremony tonight. you saw this tree and amy's story. 80 foot white fir adorned with 20,000 twinkling light and 1500 red gold ornament and spencer christian was the master of ceremony there tonight. what a gone sight. >> awesome. feel like a kid when you are there. item so about awed by the hawnl beautiful tree an everybody in the holiday spirit. fantastic the. weather is putting us in
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the spirit as well. >> agent warmer. >> a little bit warmer. in the nighttime hours but it's chilly in the daytime hours. so micked bag here. live view from the high definition east bay camera in emeryville. back across the bay light from the city of san francisco and the bay bridge reflecting off the what thes of the bay. speaking of water the what thes in the atmosphere hitting the ground and 7 hd. rain south ward m our directi] and it has started to hit the ground in ukiah where we measure so far one $100 of an inch measurable rain and all pushing eastward and south ward and heading in our direct. we get wet weather overnight. temperatures are in the mid 40's in most locates around the bay area. quite a different if this tim last nature. 24 hour temperature change. virtually every location is several degrees milder now than this hour last tonight with exception of half moon bay 3 degrees cooler than last night. highlight. break now from the freezing temperatures. rain spread south ward overnight. showers
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will linger on saturday. some could be locally heavy and snow levels down to about 3000 feet which means hair bay area peak could see some snow fall from the system and here it comes on satellite radar composite image with the rainfall in our direct and we'll put the map in motion with the forecast animation at 11:00 o'clock tonight at which point we'll see rain having spread into at least the northern part of our viewing area then by 3:00 a.m. it's touching virtually all parts of the bay area and some little pockets of heavy rainfall. front continues at 6:00 a.m. and a little bit of a break behind the front. here comes the cold air. look up north. see at bit of snow perhaps top mount saint helena and cold air continues to push through and at bit of snow mix with the rain on top mount hamilton. late afternoon early evening we see the showers dissipating and rainfall ending. rainfall total will be pretty impressive generally about a quarter inch 3 quarter of an inch in most part of the bay area. and in
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the sierra winter storm warning is in effect 4:00 o'clock tomorrow morning until 4:00 o'clock sunday morning and expect 10 to 18 inches of new snow above 6000 feet. 4 to 8 inches near 4000 feet and snow level dropping there to about 3000 feet as well. become to the bay area tonight. low temperature not nearly so low as we have seen the last 3 nights. generally in the low 40's in some inland location we see low dropping to the upper 30's and tomorrow high pressure will be in the range low to low mid 50's except up north 45 at mostly clear lake and 49 at ukiah. mid upper 50's near monterey bay and here the accu-weather 7 day forecast. on sunday sunny skies mainly sunday through next friday the only interruption of that steady stream of clear weather clear days is chance of some rain overnight wednesday into thursday of next week. >> just agent chance it looks like from the graphic. >> slighthance. beware
9:22 pm
shoppers might get wet tm. >> all right thanks spencer. >> l chilly night. cold days. despite the temperature drop winter means spare the air. >> and choice cuts. why a growing number of shoppers are turning to local butcher shops again. >>.
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>> resorts the best early season skiing conditions they have seen in decades in the sierra. skiers and owboar snowboarders pack the slopes this holiday weekend. all 7 resort in the lake tahoe area have most of the lift open. up to continue feet of snow has already fallen over the last week with more on the way. >> with this kind of weather a lot of people in the bay area have the fireplaces going thanks giving night and that contributed to poor air quality. while it is okay to light a fire in the fireplace
9:25 pm
tonight john explains why authorities prefer you wait until the weekend. >>reporter: when the temperature drops the fire wood burns. that's the plan for the family over this thanksgiving weekend. bunch of out of town relatives visiting san rafael, the holiday just wouldn't be the same without a crackling fire. >> we sit here every nature and have a fire and have some wine and have a very cozy pshtion cozy, comfortable visit. warm visit. item just wonderful. makes a huge difference. >>reporter: but it can also make a huge difference to air quality in the bay area. while this is all perfectly legal and it is okay to burn a fire today, authorities are asking people to hold off at least until the expected rain moves in tomorrow. >> the rape and windy weather we had this past weekend really helped move the pollution out but starting tuesday we had the cold, cold spell weather and pollution building to unhealthy levels and we see it right now. >>reporter: the air quality management district saw the
9:26 pm
pollution with the help of 30 air monitoring stations all over the region. this one on top of building in downtown san rafael. when the air is dry and stagnant and tiny particle build up the district will ban all wood fires including those using pellet and synthetic log. that hasn't happened yet this season thanks to wet fall. it was different last year when a burn ban went into effect on thanksgiving day. >> would i like to have the fire as much as possible but i have to consider what the rules are. >>reporter: when the burn ban eventually goes into effect violators can be fined 400 dollars after getting a warning letter. with more than 1 million fireplaces and wood burning stove in the bay area last year only 8 homeowners had to pay the fine. in san francisco, abc 7 news. when we continues tonight, warning of wick i leak. one official says the upcoming release of class $50 documents by them is quote outrageous and
9:27 pm
dangerous. >> back on dry land. what doctors are saying about the 3 teenager boys found alive after drifting in the pacific for nearly two months. and lose a job. lose some clothes. coming up. cabin crew the extra mile when the airline goes out of business and they are out of a paycheck. another half hour of news another half hour of news cont ♪ ♪ great work everybody! now freshly remodeled, your target has never been tter.
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[ wyou can't really if you won'love me.n, i know abo gayle. [ man on tv ] i don't know what you're talking abt. if you just tell me what happened... [ ding ] [ man ] 35th and archer. next stop hamion. brakes hiss ] ♪ [ male announcer ] u-verse brings you entertainment across all threecreens on your tv, smartphone and online. now get up to $300 bac via promotion cards. at&t. rethink possible. >> right now many shoppers are still out looking for black friday deals. retailers like best buy sears macy and toys-r-us say the holiday shopping season is off to a good start. sharply reduced prices on flat screen tv are fueling many store sales.
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tomorrow is small business saturday. national move to boost business for local stores that are usually left hyped in the black friday rush for bargains at large retailers. according to american express for every 100 dollar spent in locally owned independent stores 68 dollars returns to the community in the form of taxes, payroll and other expenditures. >> president obama needed 12 stitches in his lip because of an injury he suffered playing pick up basketball. president caught apple bow during the contest with family and friend. >> white house seems concerned tonight about another release of classified document by the web site wick i leak. this new batch is said to include diplomatic cable that could embarrass u.s. and countries around the world. allies are being warned about what is koychlingt around the globe u.s. embassy are busily warning foreign government. confidential u.s. documents thousands of them are about to go public as soon as this weekend. it's the latest dump
9:31 pm
of class fight documents from a web site that has done this twice before. it is a massive bit of at that time a.hundreds of thousands of leaked cable and document much likely not earth shattering. >> most of this stuff is boring frank listened almost all very well known in the public debat debate. >>reporter: still obama administering has warned of dire consequences. tate department spokesman told reporters this is harmful to our national security. it does put lives at risk. it does put national interest at risk. some say the feds may be protest thing too much. >> administration would be bet off trying to ignore this as much as possible and point out that dissimilarity from the pentagon papers when they came out during pentagon that was public for the first time. not the case with this. >>reporter: of course there is one exception. >> the only real bad stuff here is the names of the individual individuals. that is very worrisome. don't want to see people taken out and shot on the streets of kabul or baghdad
9:32 pm
because they have work with the u.s. s. >>reporter: one reason many news organization use it will be blacking out the names. federal officials call the document dump outrageous but admit they don't know what the impact will be. they still don't know what is in it. this is nbc news washington. >> 3 teenager boy whose spent 50 days adrift in a tiny boat in the south pacific walked to shore on shakey legs today. the teenagers age 14 and 15 say they survived on rain what the, handful of coconut, raw fish and sea gull that landed on their 12 foot aluminum boat. the boys setoff october 5th from their home island heading to one near by. it is believed the outboard motor broke down. family held a memorial service for them two weeks ago. now they are planning a celebratio celebration. >> oh, we are so happy. everyone is so haechlt about all the people are so happy, oh, what a story. >> what a story indeed. the
9:33 pm
teens are severely dehydrated. doctors say right now they can not keep down any solid food. they are being fed fluids and carefully watched. >> when mexican a airline filed for bankruptcy this summer a few dedicated flight attendant did what no highly paid executive would do. stripped down to raise the mini. 10 stewardesses are out with an aviation theme calendar. women are in bikini or altered version of the former uniform. the calen da darr flying off the shelves. first 1,000 copies already sold out. 3000 more are being printed. >> san francisco china town is the oldest in the nation. with that rich history comes stories of mystery, intrigue and superstition. in tonight's assignment 7 report, dan shows us how one woman is sharing all of the secrets in the dark of the night. pishtion the full moon cast a glow on the
9:34 pm
colorful street of san francisco china town. if these streets could talk, they would tell stories of wealth, love, greed, and racism. >> chinese believe in evil spirits and these pagoda like roof are actual will i there to trick them. so is the evil spirit coming down on the roof shoot itself rate back up. >>reporter: the maze of alley way off grant avenue provides the perfect place to tell ghost stories. >> there's a family of cats take live in this alley way. no one knows who takes care of them. no one knows why they are here. and the elder of the community say that these cats the represent the reincarnation of the lady of the evening that were killed here in the early 1900. >>reporter: every friday and saturday night cynthia yee shares the many ghost story she heard as a child growing newspaper china town. some are haunted stories. bordering on the super natural. others are
9:35 pm
haunting tales of lost love. >> lead of the evening used to be behind the gates. used to solicit their business and behind the red doors were the actual brothels. there was one lady named anna wong she was a lovely lady and fortunate enough to meet a shoe maker. got married. became mr. and mrs. hinge and occupied that apartment upstairs. but in 1942 he was called to war. it was in france he was in a tank that tneurover. he never came home and anna died of heart break waiting for her husband to come home. oftentimes people when they come through the alley way they say they actually smell the accident of lotus flowers and lotus flowers was the exact perfume made for her. that street has a lot of garbage and some homeless and there should be no reason for the perfume spell yet people smell it but not everyone smells i. only one or 2.
9:36 pm
>> it isn't just spooky storie stories. but a lesson in history and culture. >> fortune cookie was in vented in 1894. china owes thought it was a good idea and put it into the restaurant. i just love china opportunity to. i think i want to share my stories and my heritage and my family. you know. we have been here since 1885. >> though no ghost spotted on the trip visitors smell them with or were you the a super natural encounter most people who take the tour say it is well worth the trip. >> some nice spooky stories. >> i thought it was interesting to see like different history normally wouldn't see every da day. >> yes the cat i was agent bit escapey. >> who can blame him. this is abc 7 news. >> so if you don't scare easily and would like to take a china town ghost tour, find a link on our site 7 just lack under see it on tv. coming up apple unusual
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move. clock is ticking tonight to take advantage of some rare discounts. also getting an education for free. bay area man with thir for knowledge and quest thir for knowledge and quest to give it all away.
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>> some shoppers found bargain today where deals are rare. apple store joined the group and held a one day black friday sale. apple says tomorrow time all year consumer see discount on mac, i-pod i-phone and i pa pad. >> i bought myself 2 i pad one for myself and one for my brought. early christmas present for him. so he's really, really happy bit. >> i was here to buy a christmas present for me. i worked hard all year and there it is. >>reporter: what is that. >> a nano. >>reporter: british tourist told us they found apple products at lower prices here in the u.s. than they can get at home. apple sale continues until midnight tonight. >> now to the story of bay area fat who happens to be pretty good at math. but who knew that when asked to hp had niece get through a few equations he woulden up providing the the answer for tens of thousands of student everywhere. here's l kneel. this ace 33-year-old stay at home dad who spends his with hid
9:41 pm
child and rest of the day cramped inside a walk in closet running a school like no other. >> l this is a variable not a constant. if it was constant we would use thepower but we can't do it. >>reporter: why are you in a closet. >> this location in our house is as far away as it can get from my son than law. >>reporter: 43 video are anything but flashy. just a doodle electronic pen on blackboard and enthusiastic voice and calm. they have grown in the world most popular educational web site. approximately scene on average 70,000 times a day. >> start 1 plus 1 have open place. reteeth as net. keep doing the exercises until they are 100 percent proficient. >>reporter: the thing is he was a hedge fund manager until a year ago and the lessons were for his niece. they went viral
9:42 pm
by accident growing so popular that he quit his job to 100 this academy. to say they have caught on is an under statemen statement. >> web site that i have just been using called calm contacted. these are 2 of the most loyal student addicted to his easy to understand presentation repeated until the student really gets it. >> do you think he's a good teacher. >> he's really good teacher. >>reporter: after talking with students around the world on skype i decied to try it with with my 7-year-old mack. abou about. >> what is it about the way he talk a that you like. >> i don't know. just kind of a mathy talk. that's good. you understand him. >> yes. >>reporter: i get a sense item working because item so basic that people really feel like item a human talking to a huma human. bill gates favorite teacher available to anyone who
9:43 pm
wants him free. this is the news. >> shopping season is here so are blend blowing the cash or is it women. gay or straight coming up who is spending the most. >> and culinary revival. return of the old fashioned return of the old fashioned butcher shop when 7 news at t
9:44 pm
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>> for generations meat was at the local butcher shop but rise of the supermarket brought an end to that. n the local pwivrp is making a come back. dan explains. >>reporter: at this butcher shop in san francisco burn heights neighborhood supplies are limited. >> shank and neck and riblet some shoulder round bone. >>reporter: angela wilson is one of the 3 owners of the butcher shop. it was a neighborhood fixture since it opened in 1901. but closed in the 1980's when business declined. butchers just could not compete with supermarket prices. so they closed their doors. but today butcher shop are seeing a resurge he says as people want to get closer to their food. >> i think you will see small butcher shop opening up all over the place. >>reporter: this opened three years ago and says meat from local farmers. it comes in fresh weekly and once gone, there won't be more until the following week.
9:47 pm
>> so when you come to our shop all the pieces of lamb are from the sam lamb. >>reporter: certainly not cheap. meat here afternoons about it was as much as would you pay in the grocery store. >> people are trying to learn this old skills again and a lot of times they are just like learning from one another or learning off of you tube video. >>reporter: she is author of new book about butchers. prim primal cut is a collection of recipes and instructions that she gathered from butchers all around the country. she's co-founder of the butcher guild and says the local butcher is clearly coming back. >> now we are like recreating soringt of ghost of food system that used to be in all of our local community. >>reporter: butchery is industrialize to keep prisons down. today most butcher use machines to cut pwlarj quantity of meat. >> everything goes to the middle of the country. cows raised may rip county get trekked to the milt of the country in a feed lot. all of
9:48 pm
the cutting happens in huge factory there. doesn't happen at grocery stores or butcher shops any more. >> that factory protesting turned a lot of people away from meat that comes from grocery stores or giant warehouse retailers. >> they want to know where the food is coming from. what farm it comes from. >> people actually handle the meat work with it. >>reporter: he don't want to know where his meat come from. he want to know how to cut it im heavily. i joy working with me and i thought great opportunity for me to learn a little bit more about how the cut are made. >> he doesn't just cut the class give in instruction but not too much demonstration. >>reporter: they will teach you how to do it. >> turn it and rock it back and forth and two that way. >>reporter: she ace local chef and part owner of this butcher shop. she teaches the 3 hour long class. 3 hud dlard person
9:49 pm
perng with pig and lamb meet to fwochlt. >> pretty much solid for 2 and a half years. this is a visceral experience but it's really, really challenging i can see. >>reporter: in san francisco, dan ashley. 7 news. now if taking the butcher class wasn't enough you can also dine while you learn. teamed up with the restaurant in san francisco and on december 5th they will butcher half a pig then cook and serve the other half. if you would like to take part we have more information for you on our welcome back site. let's get another update on the forecast. spencer here were that forecast. ñi get l this is an area of heavy rainfall way up north around you'ree a and line of other rain cutting through ukiah. they measured 1 $100 of an inch or so. so here comes
9:50 pm
the wet weather starting 8:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. it will arrived tomorrow morning and showers through the day an temperatures rising only to the mid 50's in mildest location and tape hearing awful in the late afternoon and 7 day forecast so rain tonight showers tomorrow. then sunny sky and wednesday and thursday slight chance of light rainfall and then we get dry weather again on thursday-40. wet for shoppers tonight. >> yes then agent warm-up that's true. >> thanks. as we have been reporting the holiday shopping season is now well under way. number of researchers are breaking down exactly boys spending the most money. according to men spend 19 percent more than women do in general and 3 percent more on holiday shopping. harrison interactive goods more people who consistently buy on the
9:51 pm
internet out spent, twivs percent open line chart short holiday shopping earlier. few more note worthy statistics. us a tip biggest spender in the country. sam jose at third and san francisco 19th. democrats tip better this time of year than republicans do. power general ty. some nurse spend the most money on clothes with sports logo o. westerners apparently the league. perhaps i can not be said for san francisco with certainly a rush on giant paraphernalia. >> men spend more than women. >> i don't know if i buy that. >> i don't know why because they are spenting. >> on their ways. >> there you go. >> that's what i neglected to say. right. >> 19 years of marriage. >> 19 years of marriage. monster night for andre
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
. >> come up at 11:00. just released interview with the brother involved in that tiger attack at the san francisco zoo three years ago. how they say the big cat got to them. >> and why elect the official is taking on the kardashian. all coming up in an hour on 7 news over on channel 7. right now larry is here with the sport for us. >> i was on behind with spencer and i shopping for gifts for you. >> sure. there you go. >> big big money. >> good to hear. >> warriors will get david lee
9:55 pm
back soon p.sec in the arm handled cleared to play. lee could rejoy the team tomorrow and minnesota warriors in memphis tonight. one man gang but gay has the big jam. off the mit an this is rudy gay with authority. serious. memphis up 9 at the half. keeping them in the game. tip right here had 28 points. 21 boards. warriors down 4. under a minute to good. curry the drive. the lefty finish. had 26. golden state within 3 of 3 point game with 7 seconds left. wright gets a look. he was 2 for 11 shooting. warriors fall in memphis 11 116-111. they need david lee. north of the border shark skating with the canuck. first period sap jose down one nothing. thornton denied off the rebound in front. have no fear danny here. we are tied at one but all vancouver after that. tan boil passed it to
9:56 pm
sam. cut it right on the stic stick. they cruise to the victory not a great effort by the sharks 6-1. stanford almost got a brick today. no. 2 auburn iron bowl and tiger loss might have opened up a pwovl birth for the cardinal. last year heismann winner ingraham on the right going up against this year possible winner newton. greg and hanks todd rolled out and throw 14 yard to 2 early on but led tigers back. the catch. 2 defender there. auburn down and now in the fourth. tigers down and newton avoids the pressure. look at the bows here. fill it out. auburn i head for good, hang on 28-27. 12 and o heading to the championship game. oregon hos
9:57 pm
hosting arizona and austin stadium duck down at the half but could not be contained. this is josh. 85 yards. to make it 20-19 oregon. then in the fourth michael james anotherize man candidate in his own right. 1 26 yards 2 touch down other gone claims the bid 48-20 and nevada battling for supremacy in the packs. 30 degrees in nevada. broncos and moore again another heismann. all heismann candidate show 26 yards there to give them crumb. wham is try to spiel boise leading in the fourth quarter. 24-20. cardinals sixth in the bcs standings if everybody above them wins out, stanford could very well get iced out of
9:58 pm
prominent bowl bid. 10 and 1 over the records. 11 victory but because of the bowl politic and the fact that the cardinal payable don't have the bowl game you was numbers<  in theal month bowl instead of higher profile again. >> hope somebody's gives us a chance to go out there and compete with some of the sec schools. big 10 schools. anybody you want to put throughout we'll do pretty good match up with i feel in like. so we are disappointed but nothing we cap do to affect it. >> on to hospitals and lot of them. basketball for more than 6 years what he saw today was 5 points total in the first half. 5. count them. >> cal and notre dame the old spice classic in orlando. golden bears made 2 of 25 shots in the first half. 2 for 25. you can almost do that blindfolded. approximately 2
9:59 pm
25-1 at the half. o for 19 from 3 point ranch until ben hit 1 after lose to go measure city yacht josh owner the. cardinals 7 field goal in the half. justin the big one. at the half told us 26-26. invitational texas week marriott up big 47-23 and st. mary's go on to win 88-68 and need buy way you tomorrow. >> all right. thanks lorri that does it for this edition of carry johnson. thanks forever joining you. see you on 7 at


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